Inbiose creates organisms creating specialty carbohydrates

Our mission: Making rare carbohydrates step into markets for broad ingredient innovations

Inbiose was founded mid 2013, as spin-off company from Ghent University, Belgium. We are located at the Technology park of Ghent University. We developed a versatile fermentation-based production platform for the supply of specialty carbohydrates addressing wellness, nutrition, AgBio and BioMed needs.

Our strengths and core competences enable the production of any specialty carbohydrate for which a fermentative production route is feasible. Inbiose develops and provides the relevant technology to accompany one customer through the whole value chain.

Specialty carbohydrates are high added value rare and complex carbohydrates that are difficult or impossible to produce with conventional technologies (extraction from nature, chemical and enzymatic synthesis). Though these powerful ingredients have been found to be essential for improving health in many areas, applications were hampered until today by the production cost and very limited availability. Inbiose can now tackle these technological issues, giving strong and reliable market entry perspectives.

Our efficient technology permits cost-competitive positioning of our specialty carbohydrates in existing markets such as innovative ingredients for infant food formula (human milk oligosaccharides), prebiotics, beverages, food ingredients for health nutrition, and related pharmaceutical markets.

The team and capabilities

Each of Inbioseā€™s products is the fruit of a dedicated team of highly skilled people with academic and industrial backgrounds.

With 369 m2 of fully installed laboratories and offices, Inbiose aims to become one of the emerging leaders for the supply of novel specialty carbohydrates. Easy access to industrial facilities (contact us for more details) at Ghent harbour is a key to success for the commercialisation of these bioactive oligosaccharides.